Getting the Most Out of your 32GB Micro SHDC

qwerSmart phones and other high tech gadgets such as digital cameras called for an equal demand for storage devices that can accommodate the bulk of files and data needed by many consumers. Today’s mobile phones have the ability to store music, videos, photos as well as applications for gaming and other uses. The usual phone memory simply cannot suffice. This why manufacturers came up with memory cards will bigger capacities such as the 32GB Micro SHDC.

A couple of years back, the standard 2GB memories that most phones comes with was just enough to store music files and a couple of good quality photos. Soon however, smart phone users realized that this memory space is no long sufficient enough to store the files they want and experienced issues as it run out. It became a little too small for those who also use their phone as a music player and a file keeper.

Micro SDHC cards are the standard memory used for mobile phones and if you want to take advantage of your phone’s entertainment feature, then get a 32GB Micro SDHC card for you to store everything you need without worries on running out of space. With such a capacity, you no longer have to choose or remove files from you phone.

Though these high capacity memory cards were a little expensive when they first came out, they are now down to more affordable prices. You can find great deals when you search for these memory cards from online stores and shops.

A Good Filing System is the Key

Now with a memory card with such great capacity, some people simply have trouble organizing and searching for their files especially if they have stored a lot already. If you are going to use one like the 32GB Micro SHDC, you must create a filing system for storing different files for you to find them when you need them.

With such a large capacity, you can create folders for your Photos, Videos, Games, Applications and Music. It will be easier and faster to search for files when they are filed accordingly. You can also try to create subfolders such as albums or genre under your music file folders. Most smart phones today are easy to navigate and you can find what you need with certain search features on your phone.

Back Up on your Files

microSD_vs_microSDHC_vs_microSDXCDespite getting high-capacity memory cards, you still need to backup your important files. These files are priceless and it can be quite disheartening to discover a broken memory card or lost phone, and goes with it are the photos you’ve taken and the music you’ve downloaded. So make sure you back up you files and create the same filing system so there won’t be any confusion with your files.

With these high capacity memory cards, your mobile phones become a massive portable storage device where you can keep your files and data safe. A 32GB Micro SHDC card will be your greatest ally in keeping all those precious photos, videos, music and applications for as long as you need.

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